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The basic essential of each and every internationalization or business expansion beyond borders is “Cross-Cultural Competence”.

Once you have adopted and accomplished these skills you will pursue your personal and company goals, undisturbed and in complete safety.

Your Cross-Cultural Competence is the KEY for your success, so be prepared!



Middle East Culture & Business Etiquette

The Middle East has immense opportunities for foreign investment and continued economic growth. For those wishing to become involved in this lucrative market, the key to success is first understanding Middle East culture and business etiquette.

Several Middle East countries have become much more modern, as many traditional attitudes and business practices are evolving towards a more Westernized approach. Nevertheless, it is still important to be aware and respectful of some of the differences that might exist.

Middle East Culture – Key Concepts and Values

Islam – Religion has played an important and influential role in shaping the society and culture of the Middle East. Islam is the official and majority religion and pervades almost every aspect of life. The Islamic faith places great emphasis on behaviors such as generosity, respect and modesty which most Middle Easterners’ will display. Understanding Islam and the influence it has on everyday life and Middle East business culture is the first step to conducting successful business in the Middle East.

Family – Family and tribal connections form the basis of Middle East social structure. The family and tribe are highly influential and play a role in shaping a person’s values and behavior. It serves to support its members both financially and emotionally and as such, the family comes before anything else and its honor is protected.

Hospitality – Hospitality is an essential part of Middle East culture and applies to both social and professional contexts. Guests will be received with enormous generosity.The emphasis placed on hospitality is closely connected to the importance of relationships. Foreigners should show their gratitude and dedicate time to cultivating relationships with their Middle East counterparts.

Doing Business in the Middle East

- Working relationships -

It is important to have connections to someone in the Middle East who can introduce you before attempting to do business there on your own. Middle East people prefer to do business with those they know, so having someone to introduce you will be of immense benefit to your business relationship.

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