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EXPPRO Consulting

Who we are, what we do.

We connect people, create links, build cross-cultural relationships and establish trade relations for successful and challenging businesses.

Our approach is different, because our consultants come from a broad range of industries and business establishments. This enables us to build and develop your business relations successfully.

EXPPRO Consulting is connecting minds and cross cultural understanding is the foundation of every successful international business.

Once you decide to expand your business outside of your own country you have to be ready to understand the culture and customs of your business partner, otherwise you might face many difficulties that will affect your business expansion negatively.

We did extensive research in markets in Arab countries. We have gained valuable and competent knowledge from our experience and our network of experts and cooperation partners across the region. This is our solid business basis.

We will be pleased to advise you in order to get professional consulting for your international business expansion!

We can lead you to new achievements for new destinations and new challenges!

We will help you to create a new future!